Responsible Travel


Why responsible?

Because our and your respect and influence matters to people, cultures and nature that you visit. And you certainly want to protect and support, and feel good about your holiday. 
And, because:
… Mrs Marija has a small kitchen and a beautiful garden. And, a big smile and skillful hands that make the best fig jam in the village… 
… grandpa Koste lives with one donkey and 15 chicken, and he can still share the honey with the bees in wilderness (they make their own hub in the rocks!). HE will tell you the genuine story of the WW1 trenches on the rocky hills above his house. And he will join you on the hike to show you the caves dug by the Central Powers, while the Allied forces approached from Thessaloniki. We will buy eggs from him and cold cucumber & garlic soup…
… because you can still see fresh river crabs in the rivers, and we want to keep it that way…
… and, you may not see them, but you will be walking and cycling in the woods that are home to wild animals. They will see you. And they will run away, or just keep quiet until you pass. Please don’t leave anything else but your footprints there. 

All of these ‘because’ are the reason why we create tours for small groups and individuals. And why we arrange your stay in small family hotels and guesthouses instead of big hotel chains. Our local guides may speak only English, but they talk with so much passion about their country’s history and traditions that even if you speak only Chinese you will understand why you have decided to visit North Macedonia. 

We know that the responsible approach in our tours matters to you, as it matters to us. One of the positive sides of travelling the world is that we can join our forces and knowledge, and make it a better place for everyone.

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