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Difficulty: Easy / Moderate
1 Day
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You hiked to mountain hut Karadzica, and you would like to do the big hike to Solunska Glava from here? It is one of the most popular hikes if you are in Skopje and you have few days for the mountains. A quite demanding long route of 30km (return) and 1.528m total elevation gain, that will take you 8-9 hours to complete; however it offers wonderful panoramas all around the country and passes through Begovo Pole – a waste highland with few sheepfolds and the rare ground squirrel “Spermophilus citelus” that lives here .

And, if you like to hike for few days out of civilization, you can extend this hike from mountain hut Karadzica all the way to mountain hut Cheples on the other side of the mountain. (23km)


This hike is long and demanding but at the same time it gives you an opportunity to explore this region by a well-established and frequented route. From mountain hut “Karadzica” (1455. asl) it takes a direction to the east by following a jeep-road, and as you walk, the summit of Solunska Glava is rising up in the horizon. About three hours are needed to reach to the locale known as Dunja (1700m. asl) - abandoned houses which have a water source next to them and also are excellent hide-out place in case of storms and bad weather. On your way you can treat yourself with wild strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and look for mushrooms and tea herbs.

The next point of interest is Begovo pole (2000m asl.) reachable in 1-1,5 hour from Dunja by a single-track that intersects the military road to Solunska Glava several times.

The first half of this path is through beech-wood forests but the second through shrubbery and as soon as you reach the saddle at 2050m asl. a beautiful panorama of a high-mountain glacial flat-lands opens up. Begovo pole is one of the most notable landmarks in this part of the massif a circular-shaped pasture beneath Solunska Glava summit filled with thousands of sheep, cows, goats and horses since the area itself has been the summer residence of many-a-sheepfold for centuries.

As you begin your climb to the summit – by a single-track following the winter markings (2 meter wooden poles) – the alpine characteristics of this region are revealed. You will notice the limestone – dolomite geological composition of the mountain and many cirques and few glacial lakes remnants of the ice age. As the path serpentines through the rocky summit nearing the military objects (please be mindful of this fact when taking photos), the edge of the massive stone wall Nezilovi Spili appears. This natural amphitheater of dolomite and limestone rocks is the memorable eastern side of the massif (not visible from this hiking route). In 2-2,5 hours from Begovo Pole the summit reveals itself.

Reaching the real summit of Solunska Glava (2540m asl) is almost impossible since there is a military base at the very top of it. The soldiers there are friendly and respectful towards hikers and mountaineers. While at the top, enjoy the panorama over the Pelagonija valley as well as the southern mountains of North Macedonia and the rest of the Jakupica massif – the high grassy plateau placed between Solunska Glava and Dautica and Karadjica massifs. One return option is to continue eastwardly to mountain hut “Ceples” in an hour or two – or to get back to mountain hut “Karadzica” in 3-4 hours.

Difficulty Grading

CHALLENGINGup to 30km / 19mi/5 -9 hoursLong hikes with possible long and steep ascents and descents. Trails may be rough and rugged. Experienced hikers who love a good challenge. Should be ready to walk all day with more elevation gain


tours/map karadzica to solunska glava peak

When To Go

Possible15 May – 30 May and 16 October to 15 November
Recommended01 June – 15 October
Not available1016 November – 30 April


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  • Local safety information and contacts
  • Stand-by support
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  • Private arrival / departure transfers available on request
  • Extra night before or after the tour
    - In Karadzica mountain hut (base for hikes to Solunska Glava): from 15 € / per person –dorm accommodation
    - In tents: FOC if arranged together with the jeep transfer.  
  • Rent of Global Positioning System (GPS) console: 45 €

Arrival & Departure

By private jeep transfer:

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Walking, on the tour ‘Hike to Karadzica Hut’

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